#LHtravels: Lost in Macau

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the bridge between The Venetian and Sands Cotai Central

Have you ever been lost in a foreign country?

Getting lost in a city is usually not a problem. You just find your way back or try asking people. But for me, getting lost in Macau for almost half a day is terrifying and at the same time exciting.
It's not my first time to travel in a foreign country but it was my first to fly without a companion. Just this time my travel companion was already in Macau and I have to go there alone (from Cebu, Philippines to Hongkong then from Hongkong to Macau). 

Macau Tower
It was a smooth trip from Cebu to Hongkong and from Hongkong to Macau jet port. But just off the boat from Hongkong, I met a Filipina staff in the port and ask her the location of a certain hotel where I am going to stay in Macau. Confidently, I followed her instructions to take a free shuttle bus to MGM Grand Hotel (the said hotel is just a 10-minute walk from there). The sad thing that I didn't know is that there are two hotels with that name (one in Sands Cotai Central and one in Macau proper). HAHA Though I didn't know that fact, I had fun in my free shuttle bus ride. A little too much enthusiasm for discovery I think. Good thing there's a free wifi in the bus. It was just that time (when I opened my messenger) that I found out I'm lost. My sister told me that I was in the wrong way. HAHA So, I got out of the bus when I arrived in MGM and ask people for directions. I had really a hard time in asking because people there can barely speak English. So, I stroll around the city and walk to different directions. I found different building structures and enjoyed watching people in their winter clothing (yeah I'm a fan of winter clothes). It was a long walk and I'm already freezing that I finally decided to find my way back to MGM and catch a bus to the port and from the port to my hotel. So this short lost story of mine is a learning experience for my future travels.


Here I list 3 reasons why you should at least experience to get lost in your travels:

1. Getting lost can maybe lead you to unexpected adventures. 

As long as you are not in a strict schedule and you are open to adventures, getting lost can often lead to discovering new places or destinations, new food to savour and new people to meet. Always put in your mind that it is an opportunity. Maybe that wrong turn can change you for a lifetime. 

2. Getting lost can make you a better person.

Maybe you can learn from this how you and your travelling buddies handle stressful situations. We also know that people react differently to this kind of stress. Maybe you'll be able to see that you just overreacted and it's not bad at all. And maybe you'll be able to discover who in the your group that you wouldn't want to travel again. It is safe to say that we found the "true colors" of a person in tough travel situations.

3. Getting lost helps improve your travelling skills.

Discovering yourself lost in a foreign country can be scary at first. But along the way, you can figure out everything. Getting a map and learn how to read it-- decipher things even in foreign language. You learn to communicate with others. Knowing their culture. You'll not only figure out how to get back on track, but also you'll have a feeling like you have a big accomplishment in life. 


Getting lost can often be better than finding your way on the first try.

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