Unleashing the beauty of El Nido, Palawan

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A big thanks to PwC for having the best summer outing ever!

Here, I will summarize all the islands that we visited during our trip. There are 4 Island Hopping Tours in El Nido namely Tour A, B, C and D. The two most famous among these tours which you shouldn't miss in El Nido are Tours A and C which include the tranquil lagoons, great beaches, mystical islands and breathtaking viewing deck of El Nido.


Tour A

Big Lagoon
Our first destination is the Big Lagoon. The place is just breathtaking. Even though we're not able to swim here, the view never fails to amaze me. Passing the clear waters of the Big Lagoon is like strolling in a beautiful coral garden.

The next stop is the Secret Lagoon. You have to go through a small hole to find your way to this not so secret (anymore) lagoon. The place is just too crowded and you have to wait for others to pass thru from the other end of the hole before you can enter the lagoon. Nevertheless, you can still find amazing rock formations inside the area.
Small hole which serves as the entrance and exit of the lagoon
Rock formations inside the lagoon

After visiting our second destination, we went to Shimizu Island where we had our sumptuous lunch. This beach is considered to be the best snorkeling site. We are discouraged to feed the fish in any of the snorkeling sites in El Nido because according to our tour guide, the fish cleans the corals which serve as their food. When you try to feed the fish, they can no longer function to clean the coral reefs as they are already full from the food you give.

Shimizu Island at the back

And next, we're heading to Small Lagoon. Here, you can rent kayaks in order to roam around the lagoon. We opted to swim here and yeah it was exhausting. 

inside the lagoon
Our last stop for this tour is the 7 Commando Island. It is a great place to end the day. There is a beach shack where you can order drinks and you can just sit on the beach or in the water and relax. Here we had fun swinging and playing games.

our partner, managers and workmates enjoying their fresh buko
Lara on top of me
Enjoying the great swing

Tour C

The first destination of this tour is the Helicopter Island. It is called Helicopter Island because its limestone cliffs resemble that of a helicopter when it is viewed from a considerable distance. We had 40 minutes to explore the island. It is also a good site for snorkeling. Unfortunately, there are lots of jelly fish around the area. 

facing Helicopter Island


Next we head to Hidden Beach. I think this is the most beautiful stop we had. Here, the rock formations are picturesque. We are lucky that we got here earlier (we had the beach to ourselves). We also had our lunch here. 

paradise <3

The next one is the Secret Beach. Secret Beach is inaccessible by boat and surrounded by steep rock walls. This one has a "buhis-buhay" entrance to the beach. You have to swim against the current in order to reach the beach. Of course, the tour guides are there to support you. 

our guide who assists us upon entering the beach
inside the Secret Beach
underwater shot at the beach

Our second to the last stop is the Talisay Beach. It has a fine white sand beach, which is also a good swimming site especially for beginners. We also had our mini games here as part of our team building.


Finally, we had our last destination-- the Matinloc Shrine. You have to climb a pretty steep deck to find a lovely view of the neighboring islands. One of the best spots of El Nido I think.

isn't it lovely?

This breathtaking view concluded Tour C.


El Nido will always be one of the places I wouldn't have second thoughts visiting again. It is indeed a paradise.

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