The Journey to Phi Phi Islands

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Planning for your first time visit in Phuket Thailand? Then you should not miss to include in your itinerary visiting the beautiful islands of Phi Phi. It is a tiny archipelago composed of six islands off the west coast of Southern Thailand. These islands are famous for their limestone cliffs towering emerald green and bright blue waters, white powdery beaches, and coral reefs which are great for diving and snorkeling. The best way to witness all these is by doing an island hopping tour which I got the chance to experience in my trip to Thailand in August of 2016. 

We decided to book a Phi Phi Island tour online to spare ourselves from the hassle of searching for available tours once we get there. At first we were anxious of the risk that we might be scammed online, luckily we found a good tour via Phuket Tours Direct. You may check out their tours at If you wish to have a fair weather on your island hopping then I suggest that you book a tour during Phuket's high season, which is between November and April. This means more sun and less rain. Unfortunately, we had our trip around August which was already in the monsoon season; hence, we experienced a wavy ride going from one island to another. Amidst that, we still had a great time checking out the beautiful sceneries and enjoying the different activities of the tour! 

We were picked up at around 7 in the morning by a van from our hotel. Round trip transfers are free provided that your hotel address is around Patong, Karon, Kata, Chalong, and Kalim Beach. We went first to the travel agency's office to attend an orientation regarding the day's activities. 

At around 9 a.m., we hopped on a speedboat and departed for Khai Nai island, which was the first island in the itinerary. 

Khai Nai Island stores
rock formations in Khai Nai Island
panoramic view of Khai Nai beach
After staying for an hour, we then headed to the next island where the Monkey Beach is located. The beach front was super crowded so we just decided to stay on the boat. We then went to the nearby bay and stayed for about 45 minutes. The waters were so inviting that we could not resist to jump in and enjoy snorkeling. The gears are already part of the package but just make sure not to loose them because the cost is a bit pricey. I had so much fun swimming with the fish and my friends.

Next, we went to Ton Sai Bay, Phi Phi Don which is the biggest among the islands of Phi Phi. The place was packed with tourists from different tours. Here, we ate our buffet lunch and took a short rest. Once we gained our energies back, we resumed the trip and proceeded to the other spots. 

Ton Sai Bay stopover for lunch
We went to Viking Cave but the boat was not able to dock. We just snapped some photos and continue to witness awesome seascapes. 
Viking Cave from afar
We also passed by Loh Samah Bay before taking a dip in Pileh Lagoon.

swimming in Pileh Lagoon

Finally, our last stop was at Maya Bay which was featured in the movie "The Beach". Maya Bay is a stunning beach cove whose crystal blue waters are almost glowing with powdery white sands. It was spectacular yet over-crowded. Even though the island was populated with tourists, we were still able to find some beautiful spots to chill. We explored the other side of the island, had some photo ops moment and went back to the speedboat.

photo ops in Maya Bay
while exploring the island
back portion of Maya Bay where long-tail boats were docked
tourists have to swim in this side of the island because their boats are docked from afar 
The tour ended and we went back to our hotel feeling exhausted but had so much fun.

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